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Make Everyday Sacred

Human Empowerment program 


“Forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet, and that the winds long to play with your hair.”

// Kahlil Gibran //

This program was created to guide you in remembering your innate personal power, by bridging a connection between yourself and the natural world. You will learn to sage with respect. To use crystals. To move and strengthen your body. To manifest. To pray. And to create a home practice that feels sacred and supportive to you.

Our ancestors understood the importance of a relationship with the land, as they survived by tuning into what was happening around them. But we live in a much different time. Our attention is constantly pulled between family, self, career, and social obligations, while also juggling the pressure of digital media and cultural norms. There is seemingly no time for spirituality, with more happening in our lives than we have the mental capacity for.

Join us on this 4 week journey of transformation and rediscovery - where you can feel both accomplished and at ease, aware of your traumas and past experiences, but not bound by them. Where we deep dive into the inner landscape, and return to a place where we can Make Everyday Sacred.

 Imagine for a Moment

What it would be like to wake up in the morning WANTING to get out of bed, excited for your day & empowered by the very opportunity to be alive 

What would it feel like to have control over your emotional response to challenging situations? To have a toolbox full of practices that help you remember your internal power? To protect yourself from negative influences? 

How would it feel to recognize your connection to all things, and be in the flow with the rhythms of the Earth?


During this course you will learn :

  • How to create a home altar, and establish a personal practice space

  • About the 5 elements, their correspondences, and how to invoke them in your daily life

  • Sacred morning and evening rituals to recenter and ground your energy

  • Practices to wake up your intuition, and help you connect with the world around you

Plus, receive :

  • A full length yoga class to practice with at home

  • A Kundalini Kriya to bust through self limiting blocks

  • A restorative sound healing

  • (3) guided meditations - 1 for energy, 1 for anxiety, and 1 for relaxation

  • (2) Zoom mentorship calls with 1:1 guidance from Melody

  • Lifetime access to all course materials and replays of your mentorship sessions

This course is for you if you :

  • Teach, or work in an environment where you are constantly around a lot of people

  • Are a body worker or energy worker

  • Want to broaden your understanding of spirituality

  • Seek a deeper connection to yourSelf

This EPIC program begins OCTOBER 27th!!

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So (realistically) speaking,
why is this useful?

Are you…

  • Having problems being seen and recognized at work?

  • Challenged in your communication with close friends or family members?

  • Lethargic and unmotivated?

  • Continually haunted by past experiences or childhood traumas? 

Although on the outside everything may look “fine” or even “great”, on a subatomic level there could be energetic blocks or residual cellular trauma within the human energy field that prevent personal growth - that manifest as an inability to get that raise; meet that person; or feel fulfilled in your daily life.


We live in a world full of opportunity.

By weaving her passionate background in Hatha, Restorative, and Kundalini yoga with that of her training in Shamanic Rituals, Melody offers medicine for the modern day soul to remember what it takes to
Make Everyday Sacred.

She brings her supportive wisdom to the table as she teaches you to release what no longer fuels your life and provides practical tools for maintaining a healthy electromagnetic field (aura).

Melody studied yoga at Namaste Yoga and Wellness in Berkeley, CA and was mentored in Ritual Breathwork and Shamanic practices by Sariah Jiwan Shakti. For more information please visit


“Melody is an absolute light in a world with far too much darkness. She has helped me in more ways than I can even list but I'll try. When I first met her I could not lay on the floor because of issues with my own ego, I had no idea how or why to meditate, and I had no spiritual practices to help keep me positive, focused and grounded. She has helped me with all of this and so much more and I could not be more grateful to her!
Throughout the time that I've worked with Melody, in private sessions and her group classes, she has always created a space in which I feel that I'm allowed to just be who and what I am; without judgement. She reminds us often that we are all on our own journey that has its own pace and things will come when they’re supposed to.”

- Alex K.

“Melody is a wonderful teacher and spirit. From the moment I stepped into one of her classes I felt seen and cared for. The classes are at the same time energizing, relaxing and validating. She is the real deal, a loving heart committed to creating a space of nourishment and joy for every person in her class.”

- Susan M.


As the wheel of the year turns, and the heat of Summer slows into the coolness of Fall - you’re invited to take a trip inward, to a place of graceful ease and self empowerment. 

Shamanic Ritual Coach and Yoga teacher Melody Roguschka will guide you through accessible, traditional, practices reinvented for the modern age to help reconnect you to the sacredness of everyday life.

Wake up your intuition, break the cycle of low self esteem, and step out of your programming.

Your inner authority is waiting.


How does this program create change?

We live in a world created by overlapping kinetic energy

QUANTUM PHYSICS acknowledges a sense of “cosmic oneness” by observing the nature of matter and energy on atomic and subatomic levels; identifying a field of energy that connects and unites all things.

On a practical level, this means we are constantly affected by the emotions of other people, and we can absorb the energy of our immediate environments.

In a spiritual sense, that means everything from the food we eat, the air we breathe, our material possessions, the sun and the moon, our actions and inactions - are part of a complex, intelligent, and ever changing system.

Traditional Shamanic cultures refer to this system as the
Web of Life, and this course will teach you how to cleanse and align your own energy.


Leading From Experience

After working as Digital Marketing Manager in the fast-paced world of California tech start ups, Melody experienced first hand the effects of an unbalanced work life - and the damage it can do to the human body and one’s soul.

She had received her yoga teacher training a few years prior and was initiated into the lineage of Celtic Shamanism, but always considered them to be private, passive passions that she could pursue when not juggling her career.

But when a close friend suddenly passed away, her personal life started unraveling, and all sense of foundation crumbled, Melody realized that her fate would not allow her to hide any longer.

From that space she founded TIDAL YOGA, and has been leading public classes, group retreats, private lessons, and ceremonial rituals ever since - and is dedicated to making sacred practices accessible for all.


What people are saying about working with Melody

“I have been doing work with Melody for the past 6 months and have been amazed with the changes I have experienced within myself. Working with Melody has allowed me to release stored emotions, re pattern behaviors, and learn the true definition of self-love. Melody is gentle in her approach and handles her work with reverence and respect for both the process and the client. I felt comfortable with Melody the moment I met her and have already referred two of my closest friends to work with her as well. I believe Melody is embracing her calling and sharing her gifts with the world. I am so thankful for the work we have done together.”

- Cheyenne H.

“Clear, compassionate and committed to authentic practices, Melody inspires strength of a conscious will, restored perspective, and deliberate process. Her work is thoughtful, skilled and intuitive, and Melody’s knowledge of healing through breath and and intention is profound, beautiful and capable of transcending the corporeal to a place of primal being.”

- Marinda B.


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