The Facts

We live in a world that some consider to be the most challenging of all time. Our daily realities are things our ancestors never could have dreamed of; technology gets smaller and more convenient while politics grow bigger and more corrupt. Success is now defined by one's ability to accumulate monetary wealth, and the cultural importance of community connection has been lost to time. We create and sink into destructive habits and learn how to isolate ourselves, all in hopes of...? The chance to grasp that legendary 'happiness' we've heard so much about? We trudge on, like ships against a storm, pushing ourselves to the edge of our mental and physical limits until we are unable or unwilling to go any further. 

But life doesn't have to be fought against. We have a choice. We can create our own destiny.

Our Story

In 2015, Tidal Yoga founder Melody Roguschka left her corporate career path in pursuit of a small, quiet, very lofty dream that had been growing in the back of her mind. The dream to empower the masses, to cultivate lasting positivity, and to inspire individuals to change the world around them. Was it naive? Maybe. Scary? Most definitely. But the path to self-liberation and true happiness is paved with ernest dedication and an individuals' willingness to grow. It's educational, it's inspirational, and it's constantly changing. And there's never an easy way out! To walk through this life with a courageous, open heart and understanding for others is the ultimate human experience. 

Yoga is the guide, the tools, and the road map; and our bodies are the vessel. To move forward we have to first move inward. Whoever you are, and whatever has brought you to this place in your life, we welcome you. Yoga is a life science, a philosophy, an art, a form of self expression. It is healing, understanding, and it is love. 

We are founded in the truth that yoga is for everyone.
Welcome home.