The word yoga holds ties to many different translations, but its origin in the language of Sanskrit describes it as the act of joining, connecting, and uniting. This may resonate as something different for all of us, but we believe the essence of yoga is to become aware of the connection the body, mind and soul share, and use that inner knowledge to live prosperous lives. By breaking the socially constructed ideas of what it means to practice yoga, and tuning into the wisdom within, we are able to effectively contribute our creativity and compassion to the world.

Our purpose is to encourage personal growth and healing by
empowering you to empower yourself. 

Yoga is the guide, the tools, and the road map; and our bodies are the vessel. To move forward we have to first move inward. Whoever you are, and whatever has brought you to this place in your life, we welcome you. Yoga is a life science, an art, a philosophy, and a form of self expression. It is healing, understanding, and it is love. 

What are you searching for?

Physical Practice

A daily asana practice (asana meaning posture or pose) can enhance your skeletal, muscular, circulatory, nervous, digestive, reproductive and endocrine systems. Yes, that's the whole human body!

Spiritual Practice

By incorporating this mental hygiene into everyday life, this practice will provide a true sense of self awareness, reduce stress, improve concentration, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and increase happiness.